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[2020년 3월22일] Enterprise Data World

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Introducing the 2020 keynote lineup at EDW

DATAVERSITY and DAMA International are pleased to announce the official keynote speakers taking the stage at the 24th annual Enterprise Data World

Register and join over 1,000 data professionals in San Diego this March and you will have the opportunity to network with some of the brightest minds in the business, take away real-world advice designed to help you navigate this ever-changing environment, and transform your data-driven business forever!

Don’t wait to reserve your seat! If you register by February 14th, you’ll save up to $300. Bonus: Invite four of your colleagues to register with you before the Early Bird deadline of February 14th, and you’ll each save more than $900 on a full event pass!


About the Keynotes:


Data Management as the Foundation of Digital Transformation

Scott Taylor, MetaMeta Consulting

As business and data professionals you face The Fourth Industrial Revolution’s convergence of mega-trends around Customer 360, AI, Big Data, programmatic marketing, ABM, and globalization. To survive these unrelenting business pressures, it’s more critical, and strategic, than ever to “put your data to work.” Learn More ›


How to Transform Your Organization’s Culture to Impact Data-Driven Decisions and Actions

Valeh Nazemoff, Acolyst

Implementing and nurturing a collaborative culture for digital transformation or other change initiatives requires practicing creative breakthrough thinking and engagements. Learn how to create meaningful engagements, no matter your role, that impact data-driven decisions and actions. Learn More ›

Hot or Not? Which Key Data Trends to Pay Attention to in 2020

April Reeve, Bristol-Myers Squibb 
Anthony J. Algmin, Algmin Data Leadership
Karen Lopez, InfoAdvisors
Mike Ferguson, Intelligent Business Strategies Ltd
George Yuhasz, NewRez

We are going to “crowdsource” the outlook for some key 2020 data trends and see what value comes out on the other side. Our panel (and you, the audience) will give their opinion on the following hot topics: Digital Transformation, Data Literacy, Knowledge Graphs, CCPA, Data Ethics, DataOps, Golden Copy vs. Multiple Truths, Data Warehouses in the Cloud, Data Asset Valuation, Ontologies, Data Harmonization, and AI. 
Learn More ›


[2021년 1월27일] Enterprise Data Governance Online(EDGO)

DATAVERSITY가 개최하는 2021년 첫 온라인 컨퍼런스는 'Enterprise Data Governance Online(EDGO) 이다. 6명의 Data Governance  전문가로부터 2021년 Data Governance 발전방향에 대하여 웨비나 형태 세션이 열린다. 주요 주제는 Data Governance, Quality, Metadata, Data Lineage, New Strategy 및 Framework 등이다. Agenda  8:00 am PST  ...

2021년 해외 컨퍼런스 개최 일정

2021년 해외 컨퍼런스 개최 일정입니다. JAN.27.2021          Enterprise Data Governance Online      DATAVERSITY JAN.27-28.2021     Virtual Summit: Migrating to Cloud Data Platforms     TDWI FEB.17.2021          Data Governance DEMO DAY Online      DATAVERSITY FEB.17-18.2021  ...

[Follow-up] DGIQ Virtual (12/8/2020 ~12/9/2020)

지난 2020년12월 8일과 12월 9일 양일간 DATAVERSITY가 주최한 'DGIQ Virtual Conference' 발표 슬라이드와 동영상 입니다.   DAY 1 (12/8/2020) Session 1: Developing a Data Governance Program at Airlines Reporting Corporation - Damian Danowski, Airlines Reporting Corporation...

What is … 데이터 엔지니어(Data Engineer)?

데이터 엔지니어(Data Engineer)는 엔터프라이즈 하부구조와 기반을 통해 데이터 아키텍처를 구축한다. 분석 프레임워크에서 데이터 웨어하우스 범위 내 개념을 구체화하여 데이터 시스템 아키텍처를 설계하고 유지보수하는 태스크를 수행한다. 또한, 데이터 파이프라인을 구성하고 관리하고 향상시키는 책임을 가진다. 프로그래밍 예비 지식 보유 (예: 자바, 스칼라 혹은 파이선 등) 분산 시스템과 빅 데이터에 중점 조직의 데이터 파이프라인 시스템 구축 맡 유지보수 사용가능한 상태로...

[Follow-up] EDM Demo Day, 2020년12월 2일

지난주 2020년12월 2일 DATAVERSITY가 개최한 'Enterprise Data Management Demo Day' 슬라이드와 녹화 동영상 입니다. Denodo Demo Recording Recording: Download the Slides:...

[Follow-up] Enterprise Analytics Online, 2020년11월18일

지난주 2020년11월18일 DATAVERSITY가 개최한 'Enterprise Analytics Online' 슬라이드와 녹화 동영상 입니다. Session 1: How Can Data Analytics Deliver Business Results? Session 2: Deep Learning Fundamentals -...