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ROI of Privacy: Building a Case for Investment

Presented by Emily Leach, Paul Iagnocco, Laurel Strand, Eleanor Treharne-Jones


When building a case for privacy investment, privacy pros need to arm themselves with as many ROI metrics of their privacy program as possible. How to get those metrics and how to present them (whether they tie to direct or indirect dollars) is an art form that everyone can work on perfecting.

IAPP and TRUSTe are collaborating to discuss the recently published IAPP report, “Getting to the ROI of Privacy”, which offers some persuasive reasons a solid privacy program is worth paying for. Emily Leach, CIPP/US IAPP’s Knowledge Manager will be joined by privacy leaders to share their insights.


발표자료: TRUSTe-Webinar-ROI-Privacy-InvestmentSlides-042717.pdf

참고자료: "Getting to The ROI of Privacy", Emily Leach

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