Getting to The ROI of Privacy

“Getting to The ROI of Privacy”, by Emily Leach


Many privacy pros struggle to show their value to an organization. When advocating for more sta or budget, they are frequently asked to demonstrate what the return will be on that investment in privacy. But calculating the ROI for preventing something bad from happening is a bit like trying to pin down a cloud.

Unfortunately, that’s not an answer that sits well with the people approving your budget, and you end up con ating yourself with infosecurity along the way. The good news is that there are a lot of other factors to consider than just breach prevention and response (though that’s important, too). Using privacy to secure brand trust, contribute to the bo om line and gain competitive advantage, even get funding – a few years back these may have seemed like quaint ideas, but with changing consumer perceptions, privacy is now a real driver.


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Emily Leach, CIPP/US and IAPP



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