DAMA Korea 2기 임원진 출범

2018년 5월 1일부로 DAMA Korea 2기 임원진이 공식적으로 활동을 개시했다. 2기 임원진의 활동기간은 2018년 4월 1일 부터 2020년 3월 31일 까지이다.

Name Role DAMA Korea e-Mail ID Organization Position Private e-Mail ID
Lee, Jerome Jaekwan President president@damakorea.org e-WiKID Inc. Principle Consultant objectjk@gmail.com
Hwang, Cheolyun Professional Development VP professionldev@damakorea.org Kookmin University Professor cheolhyun.hwang@gmail.com
Shin, Augustine Kwangchul Knowledge Development VP augustine@damakorea.org Coupang Principle Business Analyst augusting.shin@gmail.com
Jo, Jacob Hyeongi Marketing VP jacob@damakorea.org ClustrixDB Sr. Technical Engineer APAC calebpro@gmail.com
Chung, James Kwangyong Fincance & Operations VP James@damakorea.org B2En Co. Ltd Principle Manager kychung@b2en.com
Jeon, Gwangseok Web Management VP amond@damakorea.org Jeon.Gwangseok@gmail.com

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