DATABASE NOW! On-line 컨퍼런스 개최

2018년 7월19일 00:00 AM ~ 06:30 AM KST에 DATAVERTY는 ‘DATABASE NOW!On-line’ 컨퍼런스를 개최했다.

1 세션: 00:00 AM ~ 00:50 AM
“Data Lake Best Practices”, Susan Earley

2세션: 01:00 AM ~ 01:50 AM
“Improved Data Quality Implementations with Blockchain”, Dan Myers

3세션: 02:00 AM ~ 02:50 AM
“Architecting Big Data Solutions in Cloud”, Anthony Almin

Keynote: 03:30 AM ~ 04:20 AM
“Sitting on Top Your Database – The Latest Technologies”, Rick Sherman

4세션: 04:30 AM ~ 05:20 AM
“Data Modeling in an Agile, NoSQL World”, Mik Bowers

5세션: 05:30 AM ~ 06:20 AM
“How Does It Handle the Metadata?”, Peter Aiken

발표 세션 레코딩과 슬라이드는 2018-07-23(Mon)에 사회자 Shannon Kempe가 이메일로 알려줄 예정이다.

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